Friday, April 25, 2008

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Windows are intricate pieces of work.
The physics of letting in the light while keeping out the cold and bugs presents a challenge when it comes time for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Windows have many factors beating their existence. Ultraviolet rays, moisture, temp. changes, and misplaced throws of softballs, footballs, or your dog's bone to name a few.
Window maintenance and upgrades costs money. It may pay off long term in the area of service as well as your energy savings to install new windows in your home.

The beauty the new windows will add to your home is definitely an added bonus.

These are non- paid Window Links of good window companies for your information:

A recent Michigan company has also been brought to my attention. If you have any feedback on Royal -Tech Vinyl Window Systems let me know. At this time I do not recommend them or not recommend them as I do not know the company.

They do have nice product brochures and I would love to hear feed back from you. I will then share what is learned and either place them on the list or remove them accordingly.

Please send an email:

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Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

Window Types

Popular New Home Windows

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