Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Window Installation

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Window Installation

Window Installation Guide - Where Do I Begin?

There are numerous new window manufacturers that produce hundreds and thousands of different shapes and sizes of new home windows.

How does a person know where to begin?
A new window information site I Highly recommend is at the beginning of this blog in the reference section. We fund this with our tax dollars so why not make use of this useful reference for new window installation? The window reference is also broken down into different areas for your convenience to find the new window section that is just right for you.

For Installation Detail if I do not make things clear enough for you here -
Window literature available at most supply outlets with spread sheets and very clear installation practices from your local supply stores and this one of the best new window resources.

Replacement or New Construction?

To Begin the new window process- A person needs to first of all answer the question - Do I need replacement windows or New Construction Windows.
Simply Terms: Do you want an edge (Flange) on the outside of your window.
This refers to the the Nailing Flange which can hold the window to your home.

If New Construction Windows are needed you most likely know your window sizing already.
For new windows this would be on your window schedule plan. Generally the builder studies the plans and finds the best location and best type of new window to install in your home.

Window Considerations should include consideration of code compliance.

This includes minimum light requirements for each room.

Even Builders may need reminders.
A Common Window Mistake is to keep the same window style through out the home. Windows by Decks, porches, and walk ways may need a new window style. Out-swinging window types into traffic is not a good idea unless they are high enough to allow people to travel under them. Lower out-swinging windows types have caused serious injuries to people.

Installing New Windows:
The Major Window Companies have pro installation videos available if this is not clear enough.

Have Help!
After checking the window sizing and being sure the windows are correct for the openings, be sure to have enough help to install your larger windows! Many a person has been injured or damaged a very expensive window unit due to lack of help.

Remove Blocking:
Remove Protection Blocks form the window unit. Cut off any horns left on the unit. Do not remove diagonal bracing. Close and lock the windows sash. If the window is inside it is very easy to install the window from the inside of the home.

Level Your Sill
Place a level on the bottom window framing member or the sill and if not level bring up the low end with a wood shingle tip also called a Shim. With W I D E windows and long wills, shim the middle. Have Home Wrap Installed prior.

Insert your window
Insert your window following the installation procedures with your window selection in regards to the caulking or flashing method desired. Place a level on the window bottom horizontal flange and ensure the window is level shimming if needed and center unit. (Level Bottom of Window, Center window, and fasten low side of unit)

Plumb (Like Leveling only Vertical)

Window sides need to be plumbed checking both sides.
Diagonal Measurements is a good checks and balance system.
Check the window unit ensuring proper operation before complete fastening happens.
Use Galvanized Fasteners about 16 inches apart or per window specifications.
Install Proper Flashing Techniques for the new window.

You have finally worked out the details! It always seems like such a little thing to install a new window yet takes a lot of time when shimmed and installed perfectly.
Be Sure to Step Back and Enjoy a Job Well Done!

Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

Window Types

Popular New Home Windows


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