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Window Installation

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Window Installation

Window Installation Guide - Where Do I Begin?

There are numerous new window manufacturers that produce hundreds and thousands of different shapes and sizes of new home windows.

How does a person know where to begin?
A new window information site I Highly recommend is at the beginning of this blog in the reference section. We fund this with our tax dollars so why not make use of this useful reference for new window installation? The window reference is also broken down into different areas for your convenience to find the new window section that is just right for you.

For Installation Detail if I do not make things clear enough for you here -
Window literature available at most supply outlets with spread sheets and very clear installation practices from your local supply stores and this one of the best new window resources.

Replacement or New Construction?

To Begin the new window process- A person needs to first of all answer the question - Do I need replacement windows or New Construction Windows.
Simply Terms: Do you want an edge (Flange) on the outside of your window.
This refers to the the Nailing Flange which can hold the window to your home.

If New Construction Windows are needed you most likely know your window sizing already.
For new windows this would be on your window schedule plan. Generally the builder studies the plans and finds the best location and best type of new window to install in your home.

Window Considerations should include consideration of code compliance.

This includes minimum light requirements for each room.

Even Builders may need reminders.
A Common Window Mistake is to keep the same window style through out the home. Windows by Decks, porches, and walk ways may need a new window style. Out-swinging window types into traffic is not a good idea unless they are high enough to allow people to travel under them. Lower out-swinging windows types have caused serious injuries to people.

Installing New Windows:
The Major Window Companies have pro installation videos available if this is not clear enough.

Have Help!
After checking the window sizing and being sure the windows are correct for the openings, be sure to have enough help to install your larger windows! Many a person has been injured or damaged a very expensive window unit due to lack of help.

Remove Blocking:
Remove Protection Blocks form the window unit. Cut off any horns left on the unit. Do not remove diagonal bracing. Close and lock the windows sash. If the window is inside it is very easy to install the window from the inside of the home.

Level Your Sill
Place a level on the bottom window framing member or the sill and if not level bring up the low end with a wood shingle tip also called a Shim. With W I D E windows and long wills, shim the middle. Have Home Wrap Installed prior.

Insert your window
Insert your window following the installation procedures with your window selection in regards to the caulking or flashing method desired. Place a level on the window bottom horizontal flange and ensure the window is level shimming if needed and center unit. (Level Bottom of Window, Center window, and fasten low side of unit)

Plumb (Like Leveling only Vertical)

Window sides need to be plumbed checking both sides.
Diagonal Measurements is a good checks and balance system.
Check the window unit ensuring proper operation before complete fastening happens.
Use Galvanized Fasteners about 16 inches apart or per window specifications.
Install Proper Flashing Techniques for the new window.

You have finally worked out the details! It always seems like such a little thing to install a new window yet takes a lot of time when shimmed and installed perfectly.
Be Sure to Step Back and Enjoy a Job Well Done!

Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

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Window Info 101

Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

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Popular New Home Windows

Fixed Windows

Trapezoid Windows
Isoscelese Triangle Window View
Rigth Triangle Window
Hexagon Windows
Regular Hexagon Window
Octagon Windows
Angled Pentoid Window
Peak Pentagon
Diamond Windows
Square Windows
Rectangle Windows

Top 7 List of Window Brands

Anderson Windows
Kolbe Windows
Jeld-win Windows
Marvin Windows
Pella Windows
Therma True Windows
Vetter Windows

Let us know your thoughts!
What Window Brand Do You Recommend?
Have you had success or problems with the stated window companies?


Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

Window Types

Popular New Home Windows

Window Reference Materials and Information Links

Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

Window Types

Popular New Home Windows
Window Materials and Information Links:
Window Info and References

I Got To Give Credit Where Credit is Due... I Thank The :-)

Window Info and Window References Information Source:

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Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

Window Types

Popular New Home Windows

Window Links By Section:

The Home Window Reference I Found Most Useful was

I will also break down information from this site because the window information is spread through out so many pages for easier reference.

!-- Window Terms --!
!-- State By State Fact Sheets --!
!-- Useful Window References --!
!-- Window Links Page --!
!-- Window Technologies --!
!-- Window Glazing --!
!-- Window Frame Types --!
!-- Energy and Cost Savings or Benefits --!
!-- Window Selection Tool State by State --!
http://www.efficientwindows.org/city_all.cfm?new=N&prodtype=WN&id=78 !-- Window $ Grand Rapids --!
!-- Energy Code Overview For Windows --!
!-- State by State Code Window Fact Sheets --!
!-- PDF Sheets by Region --!
!-- Be a Window Fitter For Installers--!
!-- Window Affiliates Page of Links --!
!-- Window And Door Manufacturers
Association --!
!-- Federal Government Programs --!
!-- Federal Housing Finance Board --!
!-- Federal Housing Programs --!
!-- Affordable Housing Program --!

The publisher makes no representation or warranties of any kind for the above stated window material referred to on this website.
The publisher is not liable for any special, consequential, or exemplary damages resulting, in whole or part, from readers' use of , or reliance upon, this websites window reference material.

!--Videos by Bobvila--!
Lower Quality Window Installation Video - Better for Slower Computers
High Quality Video - New Window Installation Video - For Fast Computers
! --Marvin and Lowes Install--!

Reference Materials and Information Links

Mr. Window Contractor's
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Window Types: Being Informed before Mr. Window Contractor

Mr. Window Contractor's
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Information when selecting new Windows

Blog Summary:
Window Links (Click on to Compare Types of Windows)
Window Types With Descriptions (Casement, Double Hung…)
Window Terms Dictionary

Need help in seeing how the windows will look in your home?
How about a free elevation? (A picture of your home with the different windows styles)
Local Contractors often can help you with good product information and also may even have computer programs that help you visualize your home windows.

We have worked really hard to do our best to make this information clear for you... so hopefully you have a head start by the time the real Mr. Window Contractor knocks on your door.

You are still reading... you are a winner! I'm sure you will find the best window for your home!

Some common window types :

Double Hung

Circle head


Window Words (Kind of like a Dictionary) Windows A-Z
Today's windows are complicated. They're more than a single piece of glass set into a wood or metal frame so choosing the right windows for a new home or a remodeling project for an older one challenges almost every homeowner to learn some new words that describe the window and door products involved. All windows and sliding patio doors have features inside and out that make them effective Some of these features are better than others. To do comparison shopping, you need to know what the terms mean. These features have names that are industry terms used by window manufacturers, the government and private industry rating and testing agencies and by contracting professionals. Knowing more about what you're buying can be very important to long term satisfaction with your new windows and doors.

Even if you're just buying one window or door, it is helpful to speak the language of today's windows.

Knowing the language of the fenestration industry can explain why one window brand may cost more than another but produces better value long term. Some of the terms important to a good understanding of your window and door investment are included here. We have chosen some of the most frequently used terms and provided what we hope are some easy answers.

Mr. Window Contractor's
Window Terms

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Windows A-Z

Argon and Krypton Gas
An inert, odorless and colorless gas used to fill the air space between panels of glass in an insulating glass component of a window. The gas acts to resist heat transfer through the insulating glass unit, working with the low emissivity (low-E) coating on the glass to produce better U-Values. Another inert gas often used in custom made windows is krypton gas. Krypton gas is typically slightly more expensive than argon gas but has been shown in some studies to be a more effective insulator. It is very important that the window sash and frame that holds the glass be stable. Expansion or contraction of the frame/sash typical with alternative materials such as aluminum, wood and vinyls, can adversely affect the insulated glass seal and the efficiency of the window. Since glass has little or no expansion and contraction, and fiberglass is glass-based together they have the best potential of preserving the energy efficiency of the window or door over the life of the product.


In old double hung windows, tension was provided by two large weights tied to ropes or chains that kept the open bottom sash—or open top sash—in the selected open position. Today's windows use a mechanical balance system in the jambs of the window. These balances are engineered and properly matched to the window size to facilitate the tension necessary to hold the sash in place.

Bay Window
Typically, an arrangement of three windows, one centered, that together form projection from the interior wall.

Bow Window
An arrangement of four or more windows that form a radial, or bow, projection from the interior wall.

Casing (Window)
The flat or decorative molding that encases the window on the inside covering the rough opening area between the window and the wall.

Casement Window
A window that is divided into two sections, opening on pivots outward with the use of hand crank hardware.

Custom Window
A window made to the exact dimensions of the opening or windows made to fulfill a fenestration design, or grouping of windows in either a replacement or in a new construction application. Many windows sold today are standard stocking items; that is, they are made and inventoried in standard, ready-to- ship sizes. These standard sizes typically are the most frequently requested sizes for new construction applications. However, not all window openings, especially in old, custom-built houses are the same. Using standard stocking sizes can mean that the installer has to fill around the closest sized window to make it fit. A custom window is made to the exact dimensions required for a perfect fit to the opening. Buying a custom replacement window can be important to the long-term performance of the window. A custom window also allows more individual owner preferences like color, glass tints, high performance insulating glass and hardware options. A custom window may cost a little more initially but the cost can be offset by a more efficient, faster installation and by better performance over the life of the product.


A vertical window and its structure projecting out of a roof

The arrangement, including proportion and design, of windows in a building.

Finger Jointing
Wood trim that is made from short pieces of wood joined together in angled fingers, glued and pressure sealed at the joint. The frame around windows is sometimes finger jointed; however, it must be painted to hide the joint. For staining, a single piece of wood is preferred.

The glass in a window

Double Glazing
Two panes of glass separated by an insulating air space and set into the frame. Triple glazing is the use of three panes of glass separated by two insulating air spaces and set into the frame.

Hopper Window
A window, typically horizontal in shape, that is hinged at the top of the sash in a way that the window opens to the inside. May be used at the bottom of another window for additional ventilation.

The top portion or hooked portion of a window locking mechanism that engages the lock.


A handle or rail on the operating sash of a double hung window that acts as a handle for opening and closing the window.

Lite or Light
The glass portion of a window encased by the sash. A window lite is an area of glass; for example, a single lite fixed or picture window.

Low-E Glass (Low Emissivity Glass)
Glass that has been coated to reduce by a measurable amount the ability of radiant heat and UV rays to pass through the glass.

Meeting Rail
On a double hung window, the bottom rail (cross member) of the top sash and top rail of the bottom sash that meet in the middle of the window where the lock is mounted. It is important that this area have insulation between the meeting rails to inhibit air flow between the sashes.

Mullion and Mulled
A vertical or horizontal profile that joins two or more window units.

A narrow piece of material—in older windows, wood—that separates small glass lites. In early America, it was not possible to make large sheets of glass so muntin strips were used to hold the small panes of glass. This is called a true divided lite. In modern windows, between the glass muntins provide the desired aesthetics and the benefit of easy cleaning.

In sliding glass doors, a panel is each section of the door, whether fixed or operating. The glass in the panel is a lite.

The method used to join glass fibers and resins through lineal-forming machines with the end result begin a formed profile that when joined to other profiles, form a window, door or sash frame.


The horizontal part of a frame in a double hung window. The upper sash has a bottom rail and a top rail. The lower sash has a bottom rail and a top rail. The lock is located on the top rail of the bottom sash.

Rough Opening
The opening in a wall into which a replacement window will be installed.

The board or material that extends out at the bottom of the window on the exterior. This area is usually sloped downward to facilitate drainage out and away from the window.

Single Hung
A window that looks like a double hung window but has a fixed top sash and an operable bottom sash. This style, though useful in some applications, removes the opportunity for both sash units to ventilate and tilt in for easy cleaning.

The vertical members of a window sash.

A smaller window placed above another window or above a door.

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Remember to Include Blinds in your Budgeting!

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All the Information on new Windows
Helping You Be Ready Before The Real Mr. Window Contractor comes a Knocking...

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Window Blog Summary:

When Selecting New Windows For Your Home:

Window Links (Click on to Compare Types of Windows)
Window Types With Descriptions (Casement, Double Hung…)
Window Terms Dictionary

Page Summary:

Window Links (Click on to Compare Types of Windows)

Windows are intricate pieces of work.
The physics of letting in the light while keeping out the cold and bugs presents a challenge when it comes time for installation, maintenance, and repair.

Windows have many factors beating their existence. Ultraviolet rays, moisture, temp. changes, and misplaced throws of softballs, footballs, or your dog's bone to name a few.
Window maintenance and upgrades costs money. It may pay off long term in the area of service as well as your energy savings to install new windows in your home.

The beauty the new windows will add to your home is definitely an added bonus.

These are non- paid Window Links of good window companies for your information:

A recent Michigan company has also been brought to my attention. If you have any feedback on Royal -Tech Vinyl Window Systems let me know. At this time I do not recommend them or not recommend them as I do not know the company.


They do have nice product brochures and I would love to hear feed back from you. I will then share what is learned and either place them on the list or remove them accordingly.

Please send an email: google@remodelingsuccess.com

Popular Windows Links - View & Compare Page!

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